Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral  

Arundel Catenians
This is the Arundel ‘circle’ of practising Catholic laymen who meet socially once a month for social and charity purposes, taking an active part of the life of the parish. Members refer to each other as ‘brother’ reflecting the strength they give to themselves and their families, as part of the wider Catenian Association. Please visit to read more

The Sardhana Support Group
The Sardhana project is actively operated by the Cathedral to support the poor, the schools and the seminary in Sardhana, India. The support group organises events like quizzes, bric a brac stalls and Indian dance displays to help raise funds. Please visit to learn more.

Lavinian Club
This group was founded by the late Duchess Lavinia in 1950 and is open to all residents of Arundel aged 60 and over. The annual subscription is currently £5.00. Two outings are arranged each year - the cost for members being well subsidised. Transport includes facilities for disabled members who are most welcome. Please call our parish office for a contact phone number via our contact page.

First Holy Communion Group
Each Autumn, baptised Catholic children from Year 3 and older begin preparation for their First Holy Communion the following year on the Sunday before Corpus Christi. Under the direction of catechists, they meet on the first Saturday of each month.

The Confraternity of Altar Servers
aims to help the altar servers to deepen their Christian understanding, especially relating to the Holy Eucharist. It also seeks to intensify their awareness of the Church's teaching and worship and to encourage them to carry out their Ministry of Service with reverence and devotion. To find out more about becoming a Server please contact Canon Tim Madeley at the parish office via our contact page.

RCIA (Rite for the Christian Initiation of Adults)
Adults, baptized or not, who are considering membership of the Catholic Church, can join a group which meets each week beginning in July, with breaks for holidays. There are several stages in the Rite for the Christian Initiation of Adults. Those who wish to complete the preparation are received at the Easter Mass Vigil. More details available from the parish office via our contact page.

The churches of Arundel are twinned with those of Stegaurach in Bavaria. In October each year the Arundel Cathedral Parish participate in an exchange visit by the parish of Stegaurach. We were delighted to welcome the six German visitors led by Fr Andreas for the first exchange and hosted a supper at Warningcamp on 28th October for the visitors and about twenty clergy and parishioners from the Arundel churches. It was an enjoyable event, fostering friendship among all concerned then as it does every year.

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