Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Parish Core Team

of a meeting of the Parish Core Team on
Wednesday 15th October 2008 at 7.40pm. at Cathedral House

Present: Anne Brearley-Smith minute taker
Ian Caws
Deacon David Clifton
Mary Harding
Peter Honiball
Canon Tim Madeley
Lulu Willis in the chair

Apologies: Anne Dunkley

Item 40/08: Welcome
The Chairman invited Deacon David to open proceedings with a prayer and Ian and Peter were warmly welcomed to their first meeting. Members also wished to record their thanks to Jonathan Gregory and Chris Eyles for the part they had played over the last two years. A note in the newsletter would advise parishioners of the changes in membership.
Some time was given to an initial briefing for Ian and Peter (and allowed for as individual items were discussed).

Item 41/08: e-mail from Michael Winters
An e-mail addressed to the Core Team had been forwarded from Michael Winters via Deacon David raising a number of issues. Within the constraints of time, these were discussed at relevant points during the meeting.

Item 42/08: Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 12th August 2008 were signed as a correct record.

Item 43/08: Matters arising from the minutes (not otherwise on the agenda)
(a) Houghton cemetery (item 32/08a refers)
Canon Tim had received one quote of £600 for cutting back the overgrowth and installing appropriate gates and fencing at Houghton. This was considered very reasonable but technically a further two quotes were required. A meeting with Monsignor John Hull, arranged for 21st October, might clarify who bore the responsibility for bearing these costs, together with other related matters. The work would be carried out during the autumn once leaves were down.

(b) Car Parking (item 28/08b refers)
Canon Tim still had to seek advice from the Clerk to the Council about planning permission to convert the site behind the school, and negotiations were also needed with Angmering Park Estate over access. Inevitably, the cost of such a development would be considerable (c. £250,000 for a similar operation elsewhere) but it would be extremely beneficial to have parking facilities (for up to100 cars) given the difficulties around the Cathedral.

(c) Parish BBQ (item 37/08a refers)
Anne D had provided details of this very successful event which had attracted some 100 parishioners. All expenses, including the purchase of new barbecues (thanks to Jim Starkey and Jim Myerscough scouring the internet) had been covered from ticket sales and donations and there was a residual profit of £92.70.
Anne’s report also mentioned that this was the third occasion when the parish had to borrow the PA system from the school for use at an event in St Mary’s Hall or the Cathedral garden. She requested funds to be made available to purchase an effective but easily portable PA system of our own, at an estimated cost of c £300. It was felt that this was reasonable but suggested that the above profit might be put towards this.

Item 44/08: Finance
(i) Financial accounts for 2007: These had been available over the last few weeks and no comments or queries had been received to date. It was noted that the system used by the Diocese (presently Cash Call) would be changed in ‘09 and therefore exact year on year comparisons were likely to be difficult.
(ii) Shop: Preparations to introduce a separate internal trading account for the shop were being facilitated thanks to Fr Malcolm and Graham & Linda Monet undertaking a detailed and computerised stock-taking exercise. It was confirmed that the format used by the team of counters already allowed for weekly takings from the shop to be recorded separately.
Disappointingly, some parishioners who had initially volunteered to help man the shop had dropped out, so additional volunteers were being sought to maintain regular opening and maximise income.
(iii) Bank balance: As at 3rd October, the parish account stood at £160,316.39, which included £91k legacy income reserved for particular (but as yet unspecified) use. Additionally, £1,039.11 was available in the ‘organ fund’ for tuning purposes etc.
(iv) Income: The quarterly amounts provided by the Diocese (listed as ‘Transfers’ in the accounts) had been increased to £5,250 and so now covered the cost of our annual insurance premium of £21,000. Peter asked whether it would be possible and more effective to pay the premium quarterly (in line with the contribution from the Diocese). Canon Tim thought this was unlikely but agreed to raise it with Fergus Brotherton.
It was pleasing to note that, of late, there had been a slight increase in the weekly collection.
(v) Expenditure: As required by the Diocese, Canon Tim provided a list of cheques which individually exceeded £2,000 (in total there have been 23 cheques since taking up his appointment in 2005). It was unanimously felt that the limit of £2,000, unchanged for many years, was unrealistically low. The team noted that expenditure was balanced by some kind of income in many cases (Corpus Christi, shop goods and booklets etc) and several others were due to essential purchases and repairs.

Item 45/08: St Mary’s Hall
(i) Parish Meeting: Deacon David had arranged to borrow the school projector and had been working up a short power-point presentation to explain his working document and the various cost implications associated with it. Drawings and a summary would be made available for parishioners to take away, and it was likely that a further meeting would be organised to allow for considered feedback.
(ii) Funding: Although matters remained wide open at this stage, now that a costed outline plan was available, the Vicar General and Fergus Brotherton had agreed to meet Canon Tim and Deacon David on 21st October for preliminary discussions about the level of contribution which might be expected from the Diocese.
External funding: A paper had been circulated by Anne B-S summarising her research into the possibility for attracting a grant towards the costs of repairs and refurbishment to the Hall. Although not exhaustive, the outlook was not hopeful. Church halls were not in the same category as places of worship; St Mary’s could not be considered as one of the most treasured national heritage buildings; and community grants were provided for very different purposes from that envisaged. Nevertheless, Anne agreed to explore any other appropriate avenues brought to her attention.

Item 46/08: Liturgy
Deacon David mentioned that a further meeting would be arranged for the 9.30am Mass liturgy team to co-ordinate plans for the immediate future. Lulu advised that within the children’s liturgy group, two leaders had left and the team needed to be strengthened to cope with the numbers of children now involved.
Canon Tim had already reminded himself of the need to revive the liturgy group associated with the 11.15am Mass. It was noted that whilst Elizabeth Stratford should be congratulated on her work to recruit and train young members of the choir, there were problems that needed to be discussed. The music at Fr Bruno’s Mass was well received nd showed what could be achieved by a well motivated choir and congregation (drawn from across the diocese and beyond)

Item 47/08: Organisation and Objectives 08-09
A paper had been circulated, and it was agreed that
(i) in accordance with the wishes of members (and also mentioned by Michael Winters) a chairman and secretary would be appointed as from the beginning of 2009 to better facilitate communication within the team and with the parish generally
(ii) Anne B-S would ask Bryden Isbister to add current minutes to the Cathedral website and to organise a dedicated email address for the Core Team at Cathedral House
(iii) Peter would organise photos of members at the next meeting, so that they could be displayed within the Cathedral in association with an in-box for comments and suggestions
(iv) parish accounts (to end of December each year) would be made available for the team’s scrutiny at their first meeting of the year (February) and prepared for the parish in draft form by their second meeting (April) to be finalised and distributed soon after.
(v) individual members would continue to pursue personal objectives (as recorded previously) or, in the case of new members, give thought to this before the next meeting.

Additionally, it was agreed that each member would give thought to the possibility and desirability of taking on a link role with one (or more) of the functions ascribed to the Diocesan Pastoral Team.

Item 48/08: Future events
(a) Party for newcomers: For all who had joined the parish since October 2007 and much in line with the successful event held last year - 7.30pm Friday 17th October.
(b) Parish meeting: This was to present and discuss plans for St Mary’s Hall as detailed above -7.30pm 21st October
(c) Advent groups: Deacon David agreed to promote Advent groups using the Prayer and Reflection programme produced by DABCEC.
(d) Parish Penitential service: This was being planned for Tuesday 16th December. A number of visiting members of the clergy would be available to hear confessions
(e) Pantomime 2pm Tuesday 30th December: A visit to ‘Snow white’ at the Pavillion Theatre at Worthing was being promoted - tickets @ £9. A light supper at St Mary’s Hall, open to other parishioners, would follow.
(f) Churches Liaison committee: A meeting would be held on Friday 23rd January 2009 – time and venue to be confirmed.

Item 49/08: Any other business
(i) Lighting: Canon Tim drew attention to the costs incurred in lighting. It was difficult to balance the need to be ‘green’ and thrifty against responsibilities for security and safety. He was mindful of the imperative to change over to low energy bulbs in due course but at the moment they were not very satisfactory for use in the Cathedral.
(ii) Capitation fees: These were due in respect of pupils who attended Catholic schools. The bill forwarded by St Philip Catholic High School at Barnham remained unpaid because of their refusal to provide a list of names to support their invoice. It was hoped that the impasse would be resolved swiftly.
(iii) SVP: Canon Tim had received an enquiry from SVP about the possibility of setting up a group at Arundel. However, members were reluctant to pursue the idea given that our Parish Care Team had been set up for a somewhat similar purpose and there was only a modest call for their services.
(iv) Parish Care Team: Anne B-S was in the process of organising a Day of Reflection for the Care Team with Fr Paul from Storrington, to be held at Coolham on Tuesday 24th February 2009. The maximum number which Coolham could accommodate was 24 but, depending on uptake, the day would be open to other parishioners.
Also in relation to the Care Team, it was agreed that, once again, Christmas cards and a small gift from the parish would be made available for Ministers of Holy Communion to take to our sick or housebound parishioners.
(v) Parish Directory: Anne B-S had almost completed the revised entries for the Directory and illustrations had been made available by Pat Burton. The cost of £70 for photocopying, collating and stapling 300 copies was agreed.

Item 50/08: Arrangements for the next meeting and dates for 2009
The next meeting would be held at Cathedral House at 7.30pm on Tuesday 2nd December 2008 with Mary Harding in the chair and Anne Brearley-Smith acting as minute taker.
Provisional dates for 2009 were given as Tuesday 3rd February; 7th April; 2nd June; 4th August; 6th October; 1st December. It was almost certain that the April date would be altered because of Holy week.

The meeting closed with a prayer at 10.30pm