Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Parish Core Team

of the meeting of the Parish Core Team on
Wednesday 11 January 2012 at 7.30pm at Cathedral House

Present: Graham Rodmell in the Chair
Canon Tim Madeley
Deacon David Clifton
Cora Gillies
Nuala Vokes
Vanessa Chaney
Mike Bloxham
Jack Kelly

Item 1: Opening Prayer
Deacon David opened the meeting with a prayer.

Item 2: Minute taking for meetings of the Parish Core Team
For future meetings it was agreed to take up an offer from Louise Sharp (Parish Secretary) to add this to her present duties and the Team asked Canon Tim to explore this further. Chairman agreed to prepare minutes for this meeting.

Item 3: Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes accepted and signed off by the Chairman

Item 4: Matters arising from the minutes (not otherwise on the agenda)
Members gave their reactions to the Festival of Kings. Warm appreciation was expressed for all the work undertaken by Lulu Willis in mounting this Festival for a second year. It was felt that the occasion enriched the Christmas and Epiphany experience at the Cathedral.

Item 5: Cathedral Health and Safety
Mike Bloxham updated the Team on the attention that had been given to matters raised at the last audit in February 2011 by the diocesan adviser and consultant, Nicola Worley. This disclosed that there was thought to be substantial compliance whilst recognising that with buildings of the age of the Cathedral and Cathedral House, it was not always possible to have full formal structural compliance. Mike was ready to deal with the next annual audit although there was not yet an appointment. He emphasised that all parishioners had on-going duties to contribute to this being a safe environment and he was asked to prepare something to be inserted every three or four months in the Newsletter reminding everyone of these duties.

Item 6: Finance
(a) Oral Report
Finance totals as at 3.01.12
Main account £98,704.11 (net of restricted Hall Fund and other restricted funds)
Stipend £ 1,335.18
Choir account £ 298.12 (at 31.12.11 prior to credit of budgeted sum of £3,000)
Organ fund £ 722.11

Gift Aid for December: £ 1,302.50

Diocese debited main account with £28,125.78 for building services - part of the original commitment of £100k for the refurbishment of St Mary’s Hall. There were no other cheques issued over £2,000 since the last PCT meeting.

(b) 8th Parish Forum for Chairs of Parish Finance Committees
Chairman reported upon this annual Forum chaired by Bishop Kieran Conry, which he attended on behalf of the Cathedral Parish. The Forum is held primarily to increase awareness of diocesan and parish priorities. On this occasion it included a presentation by the diocesan health and safety adviser and consultant, Nicola Worley and a parish employment review. The main contents were the diocesan report and accounts for 2010 and the budget and levy for 2012.

(c) Planned Giving
There was distributed an extract from the Parish Administration Manual (PAM) dealing with schemes of planned giving as promoted within the diocese. Agreed to defer consideration until the March 2012 meeting of the PCT.

Item 7: Cathedral Hall
a) Progress of works
Deacon David reported on progress of the works substantially in accordance with the 8 January Newsletter. The ‘shell’ of the new building should be complete by the end of January in readiness for plumbing and electrical work.
b) Future management.
The Group to assist Deacon David has now been nominated. It was expected to meet in the week commencing 22 January 2012.
c) Progress on fund raising
Canon Tim reported in accordance with the 8 January Newsletter that so far there had been collected £23,645 from 50 donors, leaving £6255 to raise of the building target of £30,000, plus in excess of £10,000 for furnishing and equipping the Hall. Since then there had been some encouraging indications of further donations to be made. Canon Tim and the Team expressed their appreciation to all donors for this very promising start.

Item 8: Parish Outreach - update
In accordance with the decision at the November meeting of the PCT, Chairman distributed a possible rolling programme for distributing the Proclaimer to parts of the Parish outside Arundel using the five editions published during the year, probably starting with the Easter 2012 edition. He would be looking at the implications with the editor Alex Clouter and would prepare a suitable announcement for the Newsletter. When it was known that the scheme would be launched, Canon Tim would mention it at a Deanery Clergy meeting so that neighbouring parishes would be aware of the proposal.

Item 9: Arundel Cathedral Fairtrade Parish
Deacon David has discussed the proposal with Michael Heathcote who had produced some useful materials. It is important that this is seen to be a parish initiative and further thought and planning is required.

Item 10: AOB
Cathedral bell
The Team welcomed the return of a functioning bell but was concerned at Canon Tim’s report that the bell is insufficiently audible outside the Cathedral. Canon Tim has raised the matter with the architects and awaits their solutions.
Storm damage
The recent storm had resulted in some damage to fencing in the grounds of Cathedral House and water penetration through south facing window joints. Water penetration has not affected the side Chapels (Blessed Sacrament and Lady Chapel) over the last year which are notorious weak points in the building. If this continues and rectification work appears successful then the planned refurbishment of both Chapels will go ahead this year (Restored wooden floors, new carpets and curtains).

Item 11: Date of next meeting
Tuesday 6 March 2011 at 19h30

Canon Tim closed the meeting with a prayer at 21h20.