Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Parish Core Team

of the meeting of the Parish Core Team on
Tuesday 8 November 2011 at 7.30pm at Cathedral House

Present: Graham Rodmell in the Chair
Peter Honiball minute taker
Canon Tim Madeley
Nuala Vokes
Cora Gillies
Deacon David Clifton
Ian Caws
Mike Bloxham
Jack Kelly

Vanessa Chaney

Item 1: Opening Prayer
Canon Tim opened the meeting with a prayer.

Item 2: New and Retiring members of the Core Team
Chairman thanked both Ian Caws and Peter Honiball for their contributions to the PCT over the past three years. He particularly thanked Ian for his time as Chairman of the PCT and Peter for his help and
guidance on the parish accounts. Chairman welcomed the two new members, Jack Kelly and Mike
Bloxham to the PCT.
Graham Rodmell will remain as the Chairman of the PCT.

Item 3: Minutes of the last meeting held on 7 September 2011
Minutes accepted and signed off by the Chairman

Item 4: Matters arising from the minutes (not otherwise on the agenda)
The matter of the bell for the Fleche was raised. The delay had been referred to the architects.
Whitechapel claimed that they had received no instructions regarding the timing programme for the bell
despite having been instructed in June. This has now been rectified and the necessary work will be carried
out most likely after Christmas.
The gardener left at the end of September and Tony Cassini has been hired to look after cutting the grass
in the Cathedral gardens through the spring and summer. Other arrangements will be made for pruning.

Item 5: Cathedral Health and Safety considerations - Presentation by Mike Bloxham
Mike Bloxham, the designated person responsible for health and safety concerns in the Parish gave a
summary of the current arrangements. The Diocese has a formal Health & Safety Policy. Everyone is
responsible for behaving in a safe manner as the Diocese can be held liable for breaches. An annual audit
by the diocesan consultant is held to ensure that the Cathedral is adhering to the policy. PCT is also
responsible to ensure that any issues that they notice or are told about are raised with Mike and rectified.
The books for reporting accidents are systematically maintained and updated as required. Outside
contractors are mainly covered by their own health and safety arrangements and in the case of larger
works the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM) apply. It was suggested that the
Health & Safety Policy be placed on the website so that it can be viewed by anyone in the parish.
At the next meeting, Mike would circulate an update of progress on the last audit in readiness for the next
audit due in February 2012.

Item 6: Finance
Finance totals as at 03/11/2011
Organ Fund £578.68
Stipend £1,770.00
Main account £101,989.60
Choir account £557.47 (as at 30/09/2011)
Gift Aid Standing Orders for October: £1,700.50

Cheques and monies issued over £2000
04/10/2011 £22,049.51 - Insurance (Refunded by quarterly payments from the Diocese)
24/10/2011 £7,118.51 - Diocesan Building Services for St Mary’s Hall

Item 7: Follow up to Parish meeting on St Mary’s Hall - 7 October 2011 (Minutes circulated)
a. Progress of works
Deacon David gave an update regarding the underpinning of the foundations. Remains of a large tree trunk and root system were found and it is believed that this is the main cause for structural
cracks appearing. Contractors are still within their schedule.

b. Future management – nomination of Group to assist Deacon David
No nominations received as yet; looking for about 4/5 volunteers with relevant skills or experience.

c. Future management – feedback on papers circulated on 7 September 2011
Deacon David pointed out that the draft papers he handed out at the last meeting would need to be
discussed by the Hall Group. The conditions of hiring the hall (cleaning, insurance etc) might require legal advice and Deacon David would consider this.

d. Fund raising – including grants and planned giving
Consideration focussed on the need to raise £30,000/£40,000 fairly quickly, but also on the more general need seriously to address the question of raising the level of offertory collections. Once again, the need to look at an active programme of ‘planned giving’ was pressed. In discussion, it was felt that there was never an ideal time to launch an appeal for planned giving, but this would be better in early January 2012. The oral appeals for this would need to be undertaken by Canon Tim but preparation would need more general support by the PCT and others with ideas for approaches to suitable sources.

e. Letter from Andrew Brearley-Smith of 12 October 2011 [circulated]
Ideas raised in this letter were discussed in the context of the preceding item and Chairman will
reply. The idea of a more general long term development fund was interesting, but at this stage the urgency of raising the funds required to meet the needs of the immediate Hall scheme to make good the shortfall identified by the Diocese (£30,000) suggested that this needs to be dealt with separately. The specific ideas for fund-raising so that the whole parish could contribute were particularly welcome, but there was no common view as to the menu of projects.

Item 8: Festival of Kings - participation of PCT
Invitations have been posted. The event runs from 17 December 2011 till 8 January 2012. Canon Tim will
contribute panels on the theological aspects of the role of the Kings in the Gospel Nativity account.

Item 9: Parish Outreach - update
The broad scheme for outreaching to parts of the Parish beyond Arundel was approved and should be
launched by a wider distribution of the Easter 2011 edition of the Proclaimer. However, it was agreed that
this should be done by way of a rolling programme for villages and settlements using four or five editions
through the year.

Item 10 AOB
A proposal by James Malcolm was circulated that the Cathedral becomes a Fairtrade Parish. The Diocese
became a Fairtrade diocese in 2006 For the Cathedral to achieve the same status, it would continue to
use Fairtrade tea/coffee, promote other Fairtrade products and organise a suitable campaign during
Fairtrade Fortnight. Deacon David will follow this up with the Justice and Peace representative.

Item 11: Proposed dates for PCT meetings in 2012
Tuesday 11 January
Tuesday 6 March
Wednesday 2 May
Tuesday 10 July
Tuesday 11 September
Tuesday 6 November

All meetings to start at 19h30 in Cathedral House

Deacon David closed the meeting with a prayer at 22h00