Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Parish Core Team

of the meeting of the Parish Core Team on
Wednesday 7 September 2011 at 7.30pm at Cathedral House

Present: Graham Rodmell in the Chair
Peter Honiball minute taker
Canon Tim Madeley
Nuala Vokes
Vanessa Chaney
Cora Gillies

Deacon David Clifton
Ian Caws

Item 1: Welcome
Chairman opened the meeting with a prayer.

Item 2: Minutes of the last meeting held on 6 July 2011
Minutes accepted and signed off by the Chairman

Item 3: Matters arising from the minutes (not otherwise on the agenda)
Festival of Kings has been agreed as the theme for this year’s Advent/Christmas Festival.
The introduction of the new translation of the Mass had gone well.
Chairman had attended the Proclaimer Review Group meeting to discuss the idea of the Parish Outreach. It was hoped to distribute more widely the Easter Proclaimer.

Item 4: Parish Core Team members
Both Peter Honiball and Ian Caws are coming to the end of their terms as members of the Core Team. Canon Tim will start looking for replacements.
Graham Rodmell will offer to stand down as Chairman at the November meeting, enabling the PCT to vote for a new Chairman, although he remains willing to continue in office for a further year.

Item 5: Finance
Finance totals as at 3/09/2011
Organ Fund £578.35
Stipend £1,454.56
Main account £130,165.45
Choir acc. £510.70 (As at 31/08/2011)

Gift Aid claimed for July/August: £1,248.84 & £805.84

Cheques issued over £2000
21/06/2011 £3,585.40 Corpus Christi Flowers
22/06/2011 £2,381.00 Corpus Christi Photographs
21/06/2011 £16,497.65 DAB Building Services: St Mary’s Hall
25/07/2011 £7,734.91 DAB Building Services: St Mary’s Hall
22/08/2011 £12,582.13 DAB Building Services: St Mary’s Hall

Item 6: Fleche & Bell- update
The blessing ceremony with the Bishop went well. The Parish press release was distributed to the PCT members. Canon Tim wished to thank Father Jonathan Martin, Diocesan Chancellor, for writing the prayers for the ceremony. The work on the Fleche still has to be formally signed off.
The bell will be up and ringing in the next few weeks; just waiting for the final electronic controls to be resolved
Chairman thanked Canon Tim for the refreshments and those who arranged them.

Item 7: St Mary’s Hall, fund raising, future management and proposed Parish meeting
Tenders had been received from all selected tenderers. The successful tenderer, R. Durtnell & Sons Ltd, had been engaged in the normal process of negotiating price adjustments. Deacon David had worked alongside the Diocesan representatives in this exercise. The Diocese has been advised by the architects that the total cost of the whole project will be of the order of £850k. The parish has been asked to increase its contribution by £30k to £130k.

A parish meeting will be held to discuss raising £40k which will include crockery, cutlery, furniture and soft furnishings. The PCT discussed a number of possible approaches including a ‘Donate Here’ option on the website. A Steering Group (of which Deacon David will be a key member) will need to be set up to manage Parish interests in the refurbishment of St Mary’s Hall and selecting the equipment required. The Group will also need to look at the future management of the hall..Help will be needed with writing letters to request grants (if available). The parish meeting will be held on Friday 7 October 2011 at 19h30 in the Cathedral and an announcement will be made in the Newsletter.

Item 9: Review of 2011 Corpus Christi celebrations
Paper provided showing the total income and expenses for Corpus Christi. Expenses totalled £9,586.00 and Income of £16,113.79, a surplus of £6,527.79. Canon Tim and the PCT expressed warm appreciation to all those involved in the planning and running of Corpus Christi. The PCT felt that Corpus Christi at Arundel is much more than the financial results and suggested it would be helpful if in future years a short narrative report could be provided, evaluating those aspects which had gone really well and any areas where improvements could be made. A summary could be offered for publication in the Parish Proclaimer.

Item 10: AOB
Canon Tim referred to difficulties encountered in the gardening arrangements and how it was proposed to overcome them.
Consideration to be given to arrangements for a New Parishioners party.
The Parish Directory needs to be updated as the current one is dated 2009. Chairman proposed that the next edition should be included in the website so that copies could be printed at will and it would be much easier to keep it up to date.

Item 11: Date of next meeting
Tuesday 8 November 2011 at 19h30

Canon Tim closed the meeting with a prayer at 21h45