Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Parish Core Team

of a meeting of the Parish Core Team on
Tuesday 2nd December 2008 at 7.45pm.
at Cathedral House


Anne Brearley-Smith minute taker
Ian Caws
Deacon David Clifton
Anne Dunkley
Mary Harding in the chair
Peter Honiball
Canon Tim Madeley

Apologies: Lulu Willis

Item 51/08: Welcome.
The Chairman welcomed members and invited Canon Tim to open proceedings with a prayer.

Item 52/08: Minutes of the last meeting.
Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15th October 2008 were signed as a correct record.

Item 53/08: Matters arising from the minutes
a) e-mail from Michael Winters (item 41/08 refers). The team contributed to and agreed a written response to the issues raised by Michael Winters.

b) Houghton cemetery (item 43/08a refers). On the advice of the Vicar General, Canon Tim had accepted the quote (£660) for cutting back the overgrowth at Houghton. The contractors were due to undertake the work in January. Installing appropriate gates and fencing would follow, and this would both free up space and provide easy access for funeral cars. David was thanked for drawing up the necessary plans and instructions for this improvement.

c) Car Parking (item 43/08b refers). As yet, Canon Tim had not been able to organise a meeting with the Clerk to the Council about planning permission to convert the site behind the school. He agreed to pursue this as soon as possible but, in the meantime, it was agreed that Deacon David should obtain some estimates for different formats of surfacing (including the access route through the cemetery).

d) Purchase of PA system (item 43/08c refers). Anne D explained the residual profit from the parish BBQ (£92.70) had, in part, been ear-marked. The remainder was needed as working capital for future events so she wondered whether there was any other way to cover the costs of a new PA system. It was decided to hold a series of raffles, the first at the Christmas party, to raise the requisite funds (c. £300) and Mary kindly agreed to organise this.

e) Appointment of Chairman & Secretary (item 47/08(i) refers). Ian Caws agreed to take on the role as Chairman of the team as from the next meeting for a period of one year, at which point it would be reviewed. Anne B-S agreed to act as Secretary for the remaining period of her membership.

f) Core Team email address (item 47/08 (ii) refers). Bryden Isbister had kindly organised an email address at for parishioners to contact the Core Team with ideas and suggestions. Peter kindly agreed to check the email occasionally and bring issues raised to each meeting. It was agreed that parishioners should be advised of the address through the newsletter, ‘Proclaimer’ and Parish Directory but hoped they would understand that, in the absence of a secretariat, the facility could not be used for rapid two-way communications.

g) Personal objectives (item 47/08 (v) refers). Personal objectives were confirmed for new members as being:-
Ian Caws – further development of the Parish Care Team
Peter Honiball – exploring a sense of mission; learning from other parishes & sharing good practice
Lulu Willis – child protection; children’s liturgy

h) Capitation fees (item 49/08(ii) refers)
The issue of unpaid capitation fees in respect of young parishioners attending St Philip Howard School, Barnham had still not been resolved. Anne B-S agreed to raise this at the next school Governors’ meeting, and would confirm that the Parish would not settle any invoice which lacked the necessary supporting details.

i) Parish Directory (item 49/08 (v) refers)
Subject only to a couple of details, the Directory was ready for printing, but the timetable for this was such that distribution would only be possible early in the New Year.

Item 54/08: Finance
a) Diocesan Finance Forum: As the nominated representative of the Core Team, Mary had attended a recent meeting where the current state and management of Diocesan Finances were presented. This embraced all Church properties / land, financial investments, and income - including legacy income – from all the parishes of the Diocese. In looking forward, it was made clear that the Diocesan situation was not immune from the effects of the present recession and would encounter difficulties, certainly as from mid ’09.
b) Bank Balance: As at 3rd November, our general account stood at £158,531.95 (including c. £91k legacy income) and the organ account stood at £1,059.11.
c) Income and Expenditure: Penny Gregory (book-keeper) had informed Canon Tim that the shop had made a clear profit of £4k between January and September this year. Once again, Linda and Graham Monet and Fr Malcom were thanked for the time and effort they had given to putting the shop affairs into good order. It was suggested that in the run-up to Christmas, cards might be displayed for purchase at the back of the Cathedral after the Sunday Masses, and that the shop might be promoted in certain venues within Arundel. It was acknowledged that it was important to have the shop open for longer and more regular periods if at all possible.
It was confirmed that no cheques in excess of £2k had been issued since the last meeting.
The carpet in the sacristy was being replaced under an insurance claim and discussions were continuing with the Diocese to replace the sanctuary carpet, since it was very worn in places. Certain holes were becoming a health & safety issue.
d) Maintenance and repairs: Canon Tim reported on his recent meeting with Monsignor John Hull, Fergus Brotherton, Anthony Feltham-King (architect) and David which sought to resolve a number of issues regarding Cathedral maintenance. The quinquennial review had spelled out priorities for the next few years, including some deemed important to complete by the end of this year. However, in many instances, the architect had failed to initiate these (the pigeon control netting had not been maintained for over two years for example) and as a result, a significant part of our Diocesan maintenance budget had not been drawn upon. The team felt this was highly unsatisfactory, made worse in the knowledge that the residual budget could not be carried over to next year. It was uncertain why the Diocese persisted with the arrangements with this architect since he provided such poor service, but it had now been agreed that we would be allocated a new partner (Melanie Latham) who, it was hoped, would show more interest and commitment. Monthly meetings with Canon Tim, Deacon David or the Cathedral Secretary were agreed upon.
It was also hoped that greater clarity could be established with the Diocese as to who bore the responsibility for some areas of our maintenance costs.

Item 55/08: St Mary’s Hall
Time did not allow for a full discussion on this – though the very few responses which had been provided by parishioners were considered briefly. The team expressed their appreciation to those who had taken the time to respond. It was agreed to meet again (27th January ’09) to list the options open to us and decide how best to proceed if (and only if) it was considered worthwhile to do so. Clearly much depended on a commitment from the Diocese and the enthusiasm and support of the parish, and there were question marks over both. Meanwhile, it was Deacon David’s intention to meet with all parties who use the hall regularly (including outside caterers) in order to bring their concerns to the table. All members of the team were asked to suggest individuals with relevant expertise in such developments, should it be felt appropriate to establish a proper steering group to take things further.

Item 56/08: Liturgy
David agreed to set up a further liturgy meeting for the 9.30am Mass prior to Christmas. Concern was expressed that there remained a number of problems with the planning and co-ordination of the liturgy for the 11.15am Mass.

Item 57/08: Future events
a) Parish Penitential service: This was confirmed for Tuesday 16th December.
b) Pantomime: A visit to ‘Snow White’ at the Pavillion Theatre at Worthing on Tuesday 30th December was booked up. It was agreed, that after each Sunday Mass next week-end, Jim Starkey should promote the post-theatre supper in St Mary’s Hall. This would be a Christmas party for all parishioners.
c) Churches Liaison committee: There would be an ecumenical service at 3.30pm on 27th January 2009 at the Convent at Crossbush as part of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Item 58/08: Any other business
a) Memorial for those children lost before birth: The group directing the project have announced that the necessary funds were now available for this memorial to be incorporated in the London Road cemetery and Bishop Kieran would be asked to conduct a service of blessing in the spring.
b) Displays: Two new displays (St Mark and Canons of the Cathedral Chapter) had been erected in the Cathedral and David was organising some brass plaques to replace paper notices naming statues.

Item 59/08: Arrangements for the next meeting and dates for 2009
The next meeting would be held at Cathedral House at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3rd February 2009

The meeting closed with a prayer from David at 10.15pm