Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Parish Core Team

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Core Team

Tuesday 2nd October 2007 at 7.45pm.
at Cathedral House


Anne Brearley-Smith minute taker
Deacon David Clifton
Chris Eyles
Jonathan Gregory in the Chair
Kathie Hallam
Fr. Tim Madeley


Anne Dunkley
Mary Harding

Item 38/07: Welcome
The Chairman welcomed members and invited Fr. Tim to open the meeting with a prayer.

Item 39/07: Minutes of the last meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 7th August were signed as a correct record.

Item 40/07: Matters arising from the minutes (not otherwise on the agenda)
(a) Cathedral lighting (item 33/07a)
It was still the case that neither internal nor external lighting systems were working efficiently. Deacon David would be writing to Michael Drury (architect) to arrange for an electrical contractor to effect repairs. However, discussions held with the architect appointed by the Castle suggested that, generally, we were not being well served and additionally, were missing out on opportunities for various grants. Although our quinquennial review was imminent, it was nevertheless felt important to suggest the Diocesan Trustees consider appointing another architect when they met in mid October.

(b) Legacy (item 33/07b)
The promised legacy from Sylvia Humphrey had now been received, benefiting the Cathedral to the tune of £81k, from which Fr. Tim had financed a Foundation Mass in her memory. Whilst this was pleasing news, the team was dismayed to learn that it had not been possible to do anything other than bank this amount in our general account. It was felt that all income bequeathed to the Cathedral should be lodged in a separate Development Fund and used for specific improvements to the Cathedral (as presumably intended by the legator) to avoid confusion with general maintenance or parish income/expenses. Fr. Tim was urged to press Bishop’s House for this facility (preferably using a more favourable interest-bearing account) but at the very least to ensure that our internal book-keeping system reflected this. It was hoped that this would also encourage and reassure other legators. Meanwhile another legacy, in the order of £10k was expected in the near future.

(c) Appointment of a book-keeper (item 33/07c)
Following his briefing, John McDermott had withdrawn his offer to act as book-keeper. This was disappointing since the lack of proper accounts reflected badly on the administration and certainly did not help the team in their role. It was agreed that this situation could continue no longer and that Fr. Tim should contact Spofforths to secure professional help, at least in the short term and to bring our paperwork up-to-date. It was hoped that Michael Ryecroft and Fergus Brotherton would make themselves available to join any briefing session.

(d) Insurance (item 33/07)
Our annual insurance premium (from 29th September ’07) is £19,793. This affords the following cover:-
· Cathedral - buildings £10,849k, contents £1,004k, excess valuables £358k, organ £828k;
· St. Mary’s Hall - buildings £642k, contents £23k;
· Cathedral House/garage - buildings £1,614k, contents £93k;
· Cemetery House - buildings £177k, contents £10k
plus public/products liability (limit £50m); employers liability (limit £20m); and Trustees indemnity (limit £5m).
Fr. Tim would check that both cemeteries (at Arundel and Houghton) were covered as they had not been specifically cited.

(e) Newcomers to the parish (item 35/07)
The registration of new parishioners was going well up to the point of visiting them at home. Fr. Tim’s and Deacon David’s diaries made this impossible so it was decided to side-step this stage in favour of visits from members of the Parish Care Team. Anne B-S agreed to liaise with Louise to put this into effect.
All members of the Core Team were encouraged to attend the Newcomers party on Friday 19th October.

(f) CAFOD (item36/07a)
It was noted with great pleasure that Stephanie Hawkey had agreed to take on the role as parish representative (and would be attending the training day on 8th October) and that Veronica Cowan had also volunteered to help.

(g) Welcomers (item 36/07) As one of the welcomers at the 9.30 Mass, Jonathan supported the suggestion from Fr. Tim that families from the First Holy Communion group might participate in this ministry. Fr. Tim would sound out the families concerned and would write to existing welcomers to explain how this might be put into practice.

Item 41/07: Finance

Bank statements as at 3rd September showed the main account standing at £92,032 (from which our insurance premium would have to be deducted); the stipend account at £968; and the organ maintenance fund at £1,976.

In addition to a grant of £15k paid to the parish in quarterly instalments, the Diocesan budget for maintenance and repair of the Cathedral (over which the parish had no say) had been set at £110k, £40k of which was generated through the Friends. Fr. Tim would be requesting an increase in this budget (sufficient to cover our insurance premium perhaps) to compensate for the fact that the Cathedral account would be adversely affected now that confirmation Masses were being organised elsewhere.

Item 42/07: Liturgy
Fr. Tim announced that the shared responsibility for MC’ing the 11.15am Mass was working well.
A small group (Fr. Tim, Deacon David, Monica Clifton, Anne Aledina, Kathie Hallam, Gwen Labbatt and Jonathan Gregory) had met recently to look at the liturgy for the 9.30am Mass and a further meeting would be held on 20th November.
Anne B-S stressed the importance of the liturgy to parishioners, as their main (if not only) experience of parish life.

Item 43/07: Review of Performance
A paper had been circulated with the agenda which, within the constraints of time, was considered in some depth. The key points of the discussion are attached by way of a separate note to these minutes.

Item 44/07: Future events
(i) 7th December: There would be a vigil Mass for the feast of the Immaculate Conception held in the Castle Chapel (7.30pm) at which the Spiritual Director of the Seminary would preside. A reception in the Baron’s Hall would follow.
(ii) Christmas/New Year/Epiphany: Anne D hoped to organise a parish party in St. Mary’s Hall
(iii) 24th January: This was earmarked for Deacon Malcolm’s ordination to the priesthood, with an evening Mass followed by a parish reception.
(iv) 14th February: Following a very successful event two years ago, Jenny Edmonds hoped to arrange a St. Valentine’s Day party, also in St. Mary’s Hall, to raise funds for the school’s cellar appeal.

Item 45/07: Any other business
(a) Hospitality at the Cathedral:

Circulated with the agenda, was a letter from Mary Corbyn expressing her concern at the lack of hospitality shown to groups giving lunch-time recitals at the Cathedral etc. Such events were known to take place about twice a month, some as a result of an invitation by one of our own parish groups, where the team felt it was incumbent upon them to arrange appropriate support; and others simply requesting it, where it might be helpful to have a team of volunteers to act as ‘hosts’. It was thought that this could be considered within an overall exercise to recruit some more Cathedral guides. Anne B-S agreed to liaise and produce a possible way of dealing with this.

(b) Church’s Liaison Committee:
The Cathedral would be organising the joint Christmas card this year. Deacon David would obtain quotes.

(c) Statue of St. Philip Howard:
A small version of the statue of St. Philip Howard had been commissioned and would retail at c. £35 in the shop.

Item 46/07: Membership
Kathie had recently taken on additional responsibilities at work and had concluded, with regret, that she would have to resign from the Core Team. She hoped to attend the next meeting and would be happy to help out wherever possible. The team expressed their gratitude for her involvement and contribution during the past year.

Item 47/07: Arrangements for the next meeting
This would be at Cathedral House at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th December 2007 with Jonathan Gregory in the chair and Anne Brearley-Smith acting as minute-taker.

The meeting closed with a prayer from Deacon David at 10.00pm