Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
Arundel Cathedral
  Meeting Minutes
Our Parish Core Team was set up in August 2006, to be:-
  • an advisory group to Fr. Tim
  • responsible for the financial and administrative oversight of the parish; (although principles of liturgical and other matters might be discussed, details to be passed on to the specific groups concerned)

and to operate on the following basis:-

  • as an initial non-elected group, present membership to stand for 2 years. Thereafter 50% of the group to stand down and new members to be recruited; process to be repeated at the end of year 3.
  • present membership might be extended to include the book-keeper, once appointed
  • meetings to take place bi-monthly, normally on the first Tuesday of the month
  • with the exclusion of Fr. Tim and Deacon David, the chair and minute taking to rotate within the membership
  • agenda to be drawn up by the Chairman (for the meeting) and Fr. Tim and circulated to all members. A financial statement to be presented at each meeting
  • occasionally, individuals responsible for specific activities, or representative of groups in the parish, to be invited to join a meeting to discuss areas of concern and/or developments
  • members to be seen as points of contact for parishioners
  • minutes to be made available to all parishioners, with the ‘Proclaimer’ and newsletter to be used as further sources of communication

and with the expressed hope of:-

  • keeping in touch with parishioners and tapping into their talents and suggestions
  • bringing the parish together
  • developing the Cathedral to give greater witness to our faith and worship - for our own parishioners, the Diocese, and for visitors of other faiths and none.

The team asks that you remember them in your prayers

To contact the Core Team: